Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 2010 Challenge!

Picture of Jordan neighbors from January 12, 2009 Election meeting

Hi fellow NoMi-Jo's! { that's NoMi Jordanites, fyi}

I have been thinking about the new year, time for new focus and new projects, reflecting on the past.

One thing I always seem to wish for when thinking about my neighborhood, is the desire to see more people, get more great neighbors out and about and participating in our neighborhood revitalization efforts. One of the things I love about being an activist in NoMi is the great people that I meet! I'm always blown away by the tremendous amount of interesting, talented, wise people that I meet on the northside. It makes me feel like I'm exactly where I need to be. Right here! Right now!

So, I thought I'd put a little challenge out there - let's all do some personal outreach and recruiting. Invite someone to a neighborhood meeting. Spread the word. Bring a new neighbor to an event. Create a buzz about all the good things going on here.

In fact, one goal for each of us to meet is this:

The 2010 Challenge. Take the year 2010. Now break it down into two numbers. 20 and 10. Can you meet 20 new Jordan neighbors this year? Can you bring 10 of those new neighbors to a JACC event or meeting? Can you get some new readers to this blog? That could be counted as recruiting efforts!

So there it is. The 2010 Challenge!

Keep us posted on your challenge progress here!

~Stay Warm, My Friends~

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