Monday, December 20, 2010

The Next JACC Safety Committee: This Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JACC Safety Committee
Proposed Agenda
Wednesday Dec 22 2010
JACC Office 2009 James Ave N

6:30 Sign in and introductions

6:35 Approval of Agenda

6:40 Update from Lt Heimerl

7:00 Neighborhood Concerns Discussion

7:30 Motion to adjourn

Friday, November 26, 2010

JACC Public Safety & Block Club Meeting Re-Scheduled to December 1, 2010 at 6:30 PM

For questions about the crime map, contact:

Jennifer Waisanen, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 4th Precinct
(612) 673-5873

To Protect With Courage

To Serve With Compassion

Saturday, November 13, 2010

JACC Annual Meeting Minutes of October 28, 2010

JACC Board of Directors 2010-2011





Motion from the floor to vote by unanimous consent to seat all candidates for the JACC Board of Directors. Motion 2nded from floor. Motion carries.


Amy Blenker
David Haddy
Todd Heintz
Grant Jansons
Eric Johnson
James Kopoto
Norris Roberts


DW motions for Eric Johnson to be named NRP elector for JACC. AH 2nds. Motion carries



Section 3:

Amendment 1 FAILED
Amendment 2: FAILED


Section 1: FAILED
Section 2: FAILED
Section 3: PASSED


Section 4: FAILED
Section 5: PASSED
Section 6: FAILED


Section 4 B: FAILED
Section 4 C: PASSED


Section 2: PASSED


Motion from the floor to vote on amended, revised bylaws. 2nded.
Motion carried


Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 JACC Annual Meeting Photo Journal

Board member and Nominations Committee vice chair Denny Wagner addresses the packed room.
These seven posters were labeled with topics ready for members to weigh in their level of priority for the JACC organization to focus efforts. 
Dinner was catered by Banana Blossom restaurant. Fried rice, Chicken and Broccoli stir fry and egg rolls (empty tray  on the left!)
The meeting was held at the Boys and Girls club on Irving Ave. The room was located off the upper level that looked out over the gymnasium where kids played basketball.
John Zanmiller is a probation officer that works out of the Jordan neighborhood.  State Senator Linda Higgins serves the Jordan neighborhood at the state capitol and always helps JACC in any way she can.
Kids entertained each other  in the background of the meeting. 
Terry Egge and Marina who work for the Pohlad Family Foundations talk with a community member.
Lynn Riskadel served as the chair of the nominations committee and helped chair the annual meeting.  Here she is leading the bylaw voting process. 
Bylaw voting by community members. 
Here community members place their dots on their strategy topics.
Newly re-elected board member Todd Heintz places his dots on his choices. 
Community member Dan Rother (right) poses with Denny Wagner, longtime community member, board member and 2010 Nominations Committee Vice Chair.
Newly elected board member Grant Jansons (left) talks with Jordan resident and city council rep Don Samuels (center) and newly re-elected board member Eric Johnson (right)
Jordan resident and current candidate for county commissioner Roger Smithrud.
More members applying their dots to their choice of strategy posters. 

This community member came prepared to show support for his neighbor, Eric Johnson, who was running for re-election.
These community members posed for me right before they headed home for the night.  They were there to participate and show support for their neighbor, James Kpoto, who was elected to the board that night.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dot Poll Results from 10/28/10 Annual Meeting

• Beautification, Gardens, Clean Sweep (39)

o Sustainability Planning

o Green Spaces

o Jordan Pond, Change name, build it up

o Restoration of a few park benches, maybe a permanent barbeque grill under the pavilion

• Home ownership home improvement (49)

• Block Clubs And community Activities (33)

o How to encourage renters participation-mtgs tend to only have home owners

 (I second this)

o Prepare budget/support equal allocation “send money to start up block clubs”

• Youth (40)

o Can we do anything to secure jobs for our youth “Even paying them to clean trash off our streets”

o This boys and girls club facility is great but more programs at Jordan Park i.e. community ed. With youth Emphasis

o Lets help keep swim pool open here at boys and girls club.

• Transit (44)

o Light Rail, Light rail and street car

o Accelerate progress on the greenway bike route development

o Building stake holder participation

• Safety (54)

o Police By-backs

• Resources (10)

o Communication on what we have for resources

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minutes of the Jordan Area Community Council Annual Election: The Neighborhood Elects Board Members & Approves New By-Laws

Tonight, an annual membership meeting of the Jordan Area Community Council was held at the Boys & Girls Club.  Tonight's agenda was the following:

First, the following committee reports were presented to the community:

Finance Report:

Housing & Development Committee Report:

Mr. Rother, yielded his time to the Pohlad Foundation for a report.  Terry Egge reported that in 2009, 45 homes were involved in the beautification project in Cottage Park.  In 2010, 55-60 homes were involved in the beautification project in Glengale Park project, which almost extended to Logan Pond.    Ms. Egge reported that PCYC's youth programs in Cottage Park increased from 40 to 200 kids.  They were involved in the painting at 26th and Penn.  St. Anne's put in the parking lot.  All of the home improvement loans were use (50 households).  Ms. Lyon reported that they anticipate a bike shop on 26th Avenue next year.  The Pohlad Foundation is also looking to have free Zuma classes next year for children.  Ms. Lyon announced the opening of Kindred Kitchen.

The JACC Annual Report was the following:


A motion was made, and seconded, to seat all candidates to the JACC Board of Director's by unanimous consent.  The motion passed and the following candidate were voted onto the board by the community as official representatives:

NRP Elector Elected:

Eric Johnson was unanimously elect the NRP Elector by the community.

New JACC By-Laws:

After a discussion, new provisions of the JACC By-laws were adopted and new by-laws were adopted.