Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dennis Wagner Is the New JACC Treasurer

Hello JACC,

Last night we had an immediate convening of the JACC Board to address some of the challenges on the immediate horizon. I was deeply moved by the participation of the JACC Board to effectively resolve these issues. We have appointed a new Treasurer, Dennis Wagner, who is enthusiastic about the skills he brings to this position.

I was encouraged, in large part due to the meeting being perhaps one of the most effective meetings that I can remember in a long time, it epitomizes the concept of Together Everyone Achieves More!!! We worked together for the attainment of a common goal; the improvement of the Jordan community. However, our work is not done, we still have to meet those challenges and overcome them. Adversity offers you two choices...victory or defeat!

I would like to encourage the Jordan community to come and participate in our efforts to improve the quality of life for our community, North Minneapolis, and Minneapolis.

Thank you again for your time and consideration,

Vladimir A. Monroe
Jordan Area Community Council

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