Sunday, August 29, 2010

MPD Alert: Attention Residents regarding Copper Pipe Thefts‏

Fourth Precinct August 2010


The Fourth Precinct has seen a significant increase in Residential Burglaries to vacant homes where copper pipe or aluminum was taken or attempted. The map below indicates the highest concentration of these incidents.

What to keep and eye out for:

· Most burglars tend to be males between 30-50 years old
· Trucks and or cars parked or driving down alleys loaded with metal piping and or other household appliances.
· Suspects will walk up to the spigot (water connection) on the side of the house and pull on it to see if the copper pipe connection is loose indicting that the copper pipe has already been removed.
· A vacant house has an open door or window.
· The sound of breaking glass or other loud noises.
· You smell gas or see water coming from a house.
· Someone waiting or loitering in front or around a vacant house.
· A strange, occupied car in your alley or on the street.
· A person going door-to-door in a residential area, especially if one or more persons go to the rear of the home.

Call 911 immediately if you see any of the above.

Residents are the Key to Prevention.

If you have any information regarding these burglaries/thefts please contact the Fourth Precinct Investigation at 612-673-5014.

If you have questions, please contact your Crime Prevention Specialist:

Jennifer Waisanen at (612) 673-5873

Tim Hammett at (612) 673-2866

Copper Pipe Thefts

For questions, contact:

Jennifer Waisanen, Crime Prevention Specialist

Minneapolis Police Department, 4th Precinct

(612) 673-5873

To Protect With Courage

To Serve With Compassion

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