Thursday, April 15, 2010

APPROVED MEETING MINUTES for MARCH 2010 Meeting of the Board of Directors

On April 14, 2010, the Board of Director for the Jordan Area Community Council Approved the following meeting minutes as submitted by the JACC Secretary:



L Riskadel, T Heintz, K Reitman, D Rother, K Browne, E Johnson, V Monroe, M McCluskey, D Haddy

7:03 PM call to order



eliminate JACC Flash discussion

hear guest speaker, Pat Lamb

Table Bylaws Update

Table Finance Committee

Add discussion of Auto Zone proposal

motioned by T Heintz, M McCluskey seconds, motion carries


Jan, Feb and March Emergency Meeting for Treasurer/Signatories/Negotiations minutes

M McCluskey motions to accept, T Heintz seconds, motion carries

K Browne motions for two letters, 1 to the bank w/ approved signatories, 1 to county authorizing K Reitman to negotiate. D Haddy seconds, all approve


of Legacy Management showed a proposal to redevelop the lots near 2000 W Broadway into a 51 unit, market rate apartment building. 1-3 bedrooms, 3 ½ story. JACC heard about the proposed buildings amenities, security and discussed whether the proposal fit with the West Broadway Alive! Plan.

Mr. Lamb was seeking from JACC a letter of support for the project.

T Heintz motioned for a letter written supporting the plan, K Reitman seconded.

Motion passed 5-3 (K Browne, E Johnson and D Haddy voting against, M McCluskey abstaining)


Hennepin County Dept. of Environmental Services running a hazardous waste collection event. Need large lot. Application pending on site. JACC participation? D Haddy motions for D Rother in charge of JACC's participation. T Heintz seconds.

D Haddy motions JACC participates, E Johnson seconds. All approve.

Clean Sweep May 15th, V Monroe point person

Arbor Day May 19th 1501 30th Ave, Jordan Park, E Johnson point person.


Auto Zone purchased the car wash on Broadway/James. Letter of support desired for retail development of the site.

Board resolves for a Letter of conditional support in redeveloping the car wash on Broadway/James for retail, but final approval is subject for review, pending seeing proposed retail development plans.


James Kpoto, resident and block leader on 22nd and Ilion wishes to be appointed to a vacancy to the board for the remainder of the Board Year. T Heintz motions, L Riskadel seconds, motion carries.


Compiled by

Dave Haddy
JACC Secretary

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