Thursday, April 15, 2010

DRAFT MEETING MINUTES for APRIL 2010 Meeting of the Board of Directors

The following are minutes for the April 2010 meeting and are submitted as a draft for consideration to the Board of Directors:

for the
Jordan Area Community Council
Board of Directors Meeting

April 14th 2010
6:30 pm

Meeting Place - 2009 James Avenue N., NoMi

Attendance: V. Monroe-Chair, L. Riskedel, E. Johnson, T. Jaramillo, K. Reitman, D. Wagner-Treasurer, MK. Browne-Vice-Chair, M. McCluskey (non-voting member)

Excused Absences: D. Haddy, D. Rother, J. Kpoto, T. Heintz 

I. Call to Order

by V. Monroe-Chair at 6.43 pm. MK. Browne to be Substitue Secretary in D. Haddy’s absence.

II. Approval of Minutes

T. Jaramillo moved to approve the minutes from 3.10.2010 as presented by D. Haddy in his email of 4.13.2010.

K. Reitman seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously (with D. Wagner abstaining).

III. Housing Committee

AutoZone discussion presented by E. Johnson and K. Reitman. Housing committee voted on 4.13.2010 in a split decision to approve the AutoZone’s request for JACC support subject to conditions. Housing Report was accepted by the board.

T. Jaramillo moves to change agenda to allow guests to speak first. D. Wagner seconds the motion. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Pohlad Foundation Update and Discussion

by Marina Lyon and Terry Egge

Presentation by Terry Egge:
-Pohlad will do 0% home improvement loans for Glengale Park area
- Fall beautification project will be in Glengale Park area
- New “Tot lot” and equipment for older youth in Glengale is coming
- Another youth program in Cottage Park this summer
- “Go Run” will start and end in Cottage Park (5.22.2010)
- Will help with JACC Clean Sweep on May 15th and will bring volunteers
- Will bring 100 volunteers for fall Beautification project
- New hire for youth entrepreneur project
- Bike Shop will be after Madison, WI model
-Would like JACC to be a part of the youth cleanup project (Pohlad will fund the wages)
-Will build more community gardens with teams of youth
- Tree trust (re-did Jordan Community Garden) will beautify Irving Triangle on 22nd and Irving Avenues.
- There will be a new Café at 1200 Broadway and a kitchen
- The car dealership on Broadway will be painted by Juxta

V. AutoZone Discussion Continued

Presentation by Jeff Houge and Dana Dose.

Board discussion. Concerns: AutoZone is seeking conditional approval without a site plan and lack of public art compliant with W. Broadway Alive plan.

MK. Browne moved to send back to the Housing Committee for further discussion on AutoZone’s plan for noise, litter, maintenance, security, and gateway to Cottage Park. T. Jaramillo seconded the motion. After further discussion the board roll called the vote as follows:

Ayes- L. Riskedel, E. Johnson, T. Jaramillo, D. Wagner, MK. Browne
Nyes - K. Reitman
Abstentions - V. Monroe

Motion passed and the AutoZone matter was referred back to housing committee.

VI. Bike Lane Project Discussion

Presentation from Shawn Murphy from the City of Minneapolis – Public Works.

VII. “NoMi-J” Marketing and Branding Discussion

L. Riskadel moved for the board to authorize the use of the term “NoMi-J” (which stands for “North Minneapolis-Jordan”) as an alternative reference for JACC. T. Jaramillo seconded the motion. D. Wagner’s idea and he spoke in favor of the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Lease for JACC House (2009 James Avenue North, NoMi)

Lease for the JACC House will expire at the end of April (this month). New lease is for 3 yrs. Runs May 1 to April 30 with 3% rent increase each year. 2011=$1,420; 2012=$1,465; 2013=$1,510.

E. Johnson moves the board to approve signing the new 3 yr. lease with Ackerberg. T. Jaramillo second the motion.  Discussion on need of hand railings on the steps and need to check the electricity due to the lights burning out in the front of the house. All agreed this should be address with Ackerberg before signing lease. After further discussion, the vote was taken. Motion passed unanimously.

IX. JACC Records at the Library

JACC has several years of records stored at the Mpls. Library. The library called and told us to pick up the records or they would be destroyed. It is one pallet of boxes.

T. Jaramillo agreed to pick up the records and put them in the garage. The Board then agreed to review the records during clean sweep.

X. Revisions to the By-Laws

D. Wagner moved the board to approve the by-law changes “as is” which were presented by the By-Law Committee and Working Group Sessions.

E. Johnson seconded the motion. Discussion: Next step for by-law changes is to include a copy of the proposed changes in the next JACC-Flash and Post on the JACC-Flash-NoMi blog. The changes must be read at a community meeting and can be adopted at the following community meeting.

Motion passed unanimously.

XI. Spring Edition of the “JACC Flash”

Kelly Browne and D. Wagner finished the neighborhood Newsletter.

XII. Minneapolis’ Call For Public Art Sites

E. Johnson moves the board approve the “Irving Triangle” at 22nd and Irving to be a site in the Jordan neighborhood for public art and to authorize E. Johnson to respond to the call on behalf of the board.

T. Jaramillo seconded the motion. Brief discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

XIII. Treasurer’s Report

D. Wagner submitted the Treasurer’s report. Highlights are as follows: the audit is done (D. Wagner recommends JACC switch to permanent accrual system) ~ low marks on audit due to previous administrations practice; Franklin Bank~ extension granted until 5.17.2010 (again problems caused by previous administration); and Probation house ~ need resolution to approve new lease with Hennepin Co.

D. Wagner moves the board to approve the new lease with Hennepin County to rent the house owned by JACC at Irving Avenue. T. Jaramillo seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion passed unanimously. D. Wagner authorized to draft the resolution and sign on behalf of the board.

L. Riskedel moved to accept the Treasurer’s report (which included the Auditor's Report by Mike Wilson, and the minutes from the 3.31.2010 Auditor's Report Meeting).  E. Johnson seconded the motion. No further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

XIV. Unfinished Business

a. JACC Website – Need update by E. Johnson

b. NRP Programs – D. Wagner indicate we need to spend the money for programs

c. Hiring Committee – V. Monroe

XV. Adjourn

Board adjourned at 9.05 pm

Submitted by:
s/MK. Browne
MK. Browne -Vice Chair & Substitute Secretary


  1. Did we not also approve the Auditors report as well? Or did that come automatically with the Treasurers report/meeting minutes from the Auditors meeting?

    It is an important point for the bank.




  2. Spelling correction of my name: Riskedal
    otherwise, aye.


  3. I approve

  4. I vote yes, I approve the minutes.

    Eric Johnson

  5. abstain.
    Dave Haddy

  6. Daniel Rother obtains from the vote because I was not at the meeting.