Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dot Poll Results from 10/28/10 Annual Meeting

• Beautification, Gardens, Clean Sweep (39)

o Sustainability Planning

o Green Spaces

o Jordan Pond, Change name, build it up

o Restoration of a few park benches, maybe a permanent barbeque grill under the pavilion

• Home ownership home improvement (49)

• Block Clubs And community Activities (33)

o How to encourage renters participation-mtgs tend to only have home owners

 (I second this)

o Prepare budget/support equal allocation “send money to start up block clubs”

• Youth (40)

o Can we do anything to secure jobs for our youth “Even paying them to clean trash off our streets”

o This boys and girls club facility is great but more programs at Jordan Park i.e. community ed. With youth Emphasis

o Lets help keep swim pool open here at boys and girls club.

• Transit (44)

o Light Rail, Light rail and street car

o Accelerate progress on the greenway bike route development

o Building stake holder participation

• Safety (54)

o Police By-backs

• Resources (10)

o Communication on what we have for resources

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