Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 JACC Annual Meeting Photo Journal

Board member and Nominations Committee vice chair Denny Wagner addresses the packed room.
These seven posters were labeled with topics ready for members to weigh in their level of priority for the JACC organization to focus efforts. 
Dinner was catered by Banana Blossom restaurant. Fried rice, Chicken and Broccoli stir fry and egg rolls (empty tray  on the left!)
The meeting was held at the Boys and Girls club on Irving Ave. The room was located off the upper level that looked out over the gymnasium where kids played basketball.
John Zanmiller is a probation officer that works out of the Jordan neighborhood.  State Senator Linda Higgins serves the Jordan neighborhood at the state capitol and always helps JACC in any way she can.
Kids entertained each other  in the background of the meeting. 
Terry Egge and Marina who work for the Pohlad Family Foundations talk with a community member.
Lynn Riskadel served as the chair of the nominations committee and helped chair the annual meeting.  Here she is leading the bylaw voting process. 
Bylaw voting by community members. 
Here community members place their dots on their strategy topics.
Newly re-elected board member Todd Heintz places his dots on his choices. 
Community member Dan Rother (right) poses with Denny Wagner, longtime community member, board member and 2010 Nominations Committee Vice Chair.
Newly elected board member Grant Jansons (left) talks with Jordan resident and city council rep Don Samuels (center) and newly re-elected board member Eric Johnson (right)
Jordan resident and current candidate for county commissioner Roger Smithrud.
More members applying their dots to their choice of strategy posters. 

This community member came prepared to show support for his neighbor, Eric Johnson, who was running for re-election.
These community members posed for me right before they headed home for the night.  They were there to participate and show support for their neighbor, James Kpoto, who was elected to the board that night.

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