Sunday, July 4, 2010

Community Advisory ~ 7/1/2010 ~ Door to Door Sales of Residential Burglar Alarms

The Minneapolis Police Department would like to advise residents that it has received information of unlicensed door to door residential alarm salesmen operating in the 4th Precinct.

According to information received these unlicensed sales people are also implying that they are operating with the consent of the City of Minneapolis by telling people "The City wants us out here."

They are approaching houses with systems, saying they are with Monitronics and GE, and they'd like to test the existing system to make sure it's working properly.

These sales people are NOT operating with the consent or at the behest of the Minneapolis Police Department or the City of Minneapolis.

All door to door sales people in Minneapolis must be licensed, and must carry their license with them. They must produce their license when asked.

No legitimate alarm service provider will ask you if they can "test" your existing system. Do not disclose any information about your existing security system to anyone who knocks on your door.

If you do encounter someone selling security systems door to door, ask to see their Peddler's License. If they cannot produce one, they are not legitimate. Do not let them into your home, and by no means should you discuss the details of your home security system with them. Note their description and clothing, their direction of travel, and call 911 to report unlicensed solicitation and suspicious activity.

If you are considering having a security system installed, please review the information at the following link first:

The MPD also wishes to remind people that even the best home burglar alarm is not a substitute for good home security practices, adequate doors, windows, locks, lighting and landscaping. For more information on good home security practices, please see the following links:

For a free home security survey, please contact your area Crime Prevention Specialist:

Broadway to Dowling: Jennifer Waisanen - 673-5873

South of Broadway: Tim Hammett - 673-2866.

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