Sunday, July 11, 2010

JACC Board of Directors Meeting July 14, 2010 -- Proposed Agenda

Proposed Agenda

JACC Board of Directors Meeting
July 14, 2010
2210 Oliver Ave. N. (PCYC Building)
6:30 PM

I. Call to Order
II. Approve Agenda
III. Approve June 2010 Minutes
IV. Guest Speakers ~ Discussion (subject to arrivals of speakers)

     a. Vincent Thomas, Director of Development
         Kwanzaa Community Church in Minneapolis
     b. David Snyder, Community Organizer
         Jewish Community Action
     c. Jackie Cherryhomes, Todd Elkins of Urban Home Works, and Mark Bollinger the Executive Director of Facilities at Minneapolis Public Schools, Lynn R. Littlejohn, Director of Community Affairs for Mortenson Construction

V.  Executive Committee Vacancy
VI. Office Space
VII. Committee Reports
     a. Youth ~ Helen H.
     b. Safety ~ Heintz
         i.  Police Buy-Back Hours
     c. Litigation and Grievance ~ Haddy
     d. Housing ~ Rother

          i. The Housing and Development Committee recommends that JACC supports the preliminary design proposed by Mortenson/Legacy for the Minneapolis Public Schools New Headquarters Building to be built at 1250 West Broadway.
          ii. The Housing and Development Committee recommends to the Board that JACC supports Alliance Housing/Gateway Lofts' application for variances and a conditional use permit. The variances are for a front yard set back, side yard set back, utility location/trash enclosure/arbor, and the height of the two small walls that are between W. Broadway and the drive down to the parking ramp. The project requires a conditional use permit because there are more than 5 units in the development.
         iii. The Housing and Development recommends that JACC supports the Lowry Avenue Strategic Plan and proposed zoning changes for the Lowry area at the August 2010 Board meeting after Mr. Thomas Leighton's presentation.
     e. Finance (Budget Report) ~ Wagner
     f. Communication ~ Johnson

VII. Community Forum

VIII. Adjourn

Note: The August, September and October Meetings will be held at PCYC


  1. Here is an informative written account of this meeting.

  2. Please note that the written account found at Johnny Northside Dot Com is not the official JACC meeting mintues for the July 2010 Board of Directors meeting.